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  • Being a forgetful person, my planner really helped me document things I needed to remember. It helped me plan better, review my plans and check off plans once completed. I also really love the monthly quotes/ messages! I even photocopied a few and stuck them on the mirror in my room so I could get a little daily motivation.

    Jennifer Abah

  • I really enjoyed having this planner because it gave me a blank slate to plan all the aspects of my life on. I know the world is going digital, but writing things down will never go out of style.

    In July, I did not document anything and my blog and personal life suffered. Thanks for creating something that enabled me to make my vision visible.

    Waiting to see the improved 2017 version.

    Vivian A || Blogger, The Alaroro Shopaholic

  • I like the planner because it helps keep me organized cause I can record all my meetings/deadlines and even mundane things like when last I relaxed my hair lol – I have to keep track since I don’t relax monthly.

    Lastly, I love it cause it’s ‘Nigerian’ I’d always had to buy planners whilst on vacation so it’s nice to know that I can remove that from the ‘to buy list’ I make for my next holiday.

    Unoma Uraih