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4 Ways to Get Your Planner Ready for 2017

bb.JPGJanuary 1st is almost here! We’re thrilled for so many of you to start using your new HDHQ “Heart” Planners as a tool to simplify your life and make time for what matters most. We hope your planner helps you to carve out white space and plan for the days, weeks, and months ahead of you. But remember, planners won’t work if you don’t use them! Sit down at the beginning of each week and plan for the days ahead. Use your planner daily to make sure you stay on task. In the meantime, here are a few things you can do to get your planner ready for January 1st. Continue reading “4 Ways to Get Your Planner Ready for 2017”


Hello Heartdict!!!



Thank you so much for purchasing this planner, and for those of you who got it as a gift, thank you to the lovely human who purchased it and to you for using it.

In 2015, I had an A4 planner that I designed, printed and spiral bound to help me keep all my many ideas, plans and notes in one place, this one idea changed my life and in 2016, I decided to share this idea with everyone and that was how Heartdictions Planners were created.

Heartdictions (coined from heart addictions, pronounced addictions) is a project that aims at offering you the very best lifestyle options & ideas.

This 2017 planner will offer you a simpler, unique and more organized life while you gradually; Continue reading “Hello Heartdict!!!”



If by now you don’t know what Heartdictions HQ is or you haven’t heard anything about HDHQ then you either just found this blog or well you just heard about it.
The Heartdictions HQ known as theHDHQ is a lifestyle project that aims at selling lifestyle products and services at the most affordable prices.

it is a chain of business that consists of a vintage store, an accessories store and now a stationeries store.

it was inspired by my love for everything fashion and words and also my love for affordability.

Continue reading “HDHQ HEART PLANNER 2016”