HDHQ Heart Planner 16


If by now you don’t know what Heartdictions HQ is or you haven’t heard anything about HDHQ then you either just found this blog or well you just heard about it.
The Heartdictions HQ known as theHDHQ is a lifestyle project that aims at selling lifestyle products and services at the most affordable prices.

it is a chain of business that consists of a vintage store, an accessories store and now a stationery store.

it was inspired by my love for everything fashion and words and also my love for affordability.

this planners started from the above spiral bound sheets that i did for myself around may last year, it helped me plan my life better and have all my thoughts in one place so I told myself why not do it bigger and share this with everyone who would love a simpler, easier and more organized life.

Please welcome #thehdhqjournals and #thehdhqplanners.

The Heartdiction HQ 2016 planners are a very simple and direct way to plan your year;  it features:

  • 162 pages
  • 170 x 210 (slightly bigger than an A5)
  • A 2016 calendar page
  • A 2015/2017 calendar page
  • Birthday and reminder page
  • A 2016 goals overview page
  • A monthly double spread page to help you plan out your month and appointments that features a column for your monthly goals.
  • 5 weekly spread pages to help you keep up with your to do lists that features a column for your weekly goals.
  • 3 pages in each month for your note, ideas and sketches
  • rounding up the year with 2 pages for what you are thankful for
  • with 17 quotes, with every month starting with inspiring quotes to give you the nudge you need at every point.
  • 30 coloured pages
  • 70 grams Paper
  • Black wire spiral bind with black elastic band hold
  • Matte cover in two colours.
  • By Dee Mako HDHQ
  • Made in Nigeria.

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To order, simply email:


or hdhqgoods@gmail.com

thank you.